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BestFit College Advisors specializes in guiding high school students in all aspects of the college admissions process. Understanding one's passions, desires, and goals allows BestFit to match the student with the appropriate college in order for them to succeed in the future, and enjoy the journey along the way. One of the most important decisions in a high school student's life is to select the appropriate college in order to succeed, and BestFit College Advisors' sole focus is to guide these students through this process. We focus our attention on:

Assisting college and non college bound young adults towards a continuing education plan, career, or internship.

Working with students that benefit from that extra layer of support and tailored guidance. 

Providing parents and students with the necessary tools to navigate through the college admissions process.

How We Can Help You


Discovering a student's passions, interests, and goals is the first step in the process, and one of the most important.

College Matching

Finding the best collegiate fit for a student is crucial in determining where they will be happy and successful in the future.

Application Advising

Assistance during the application process saves time, relieves stress, and puts the student to the top of the application pile. 

Decision Making

Advising the student during the decision-making process will position them to not only succeed, but enjoy the experience as well. 

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Cheryl A. Coughlin, M.Ed.

Founder & Educational Consultant

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