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Don't Get Stressed Have a Plan...

BestFit College Advisors offers three packages to meet the needs of our clients:

1.  Comprehensive College Package
2.  Senior Rush Package
3.  College Transfer Package. 

We also offer several distinct modules focusing on Crafting a Colleg
e Essay, Building a  College List, Maximizing Scholarships and Grants, and Applying to College through the Common App.

Comprehensive College Package

Our Comprehensive Package includes all of our services broken down into four buckets: Self-Discovery, Application Advising, College Matching, and Decision Making. The services are delivered in a thorough manner as the college admissions process evolves through the timeline. Working with a student throughout all phases of the process allows us to better advise and assist the student and parents.  It includes a full suite of services that guides students through the process from start to finish. 



In depth interviews of the student and family in order to develop overall strategy for the application process. Follow up meetings with the student every 3 wks or as needed

Evaluation of student’s record: H.S. transcript, standardized test results, extracurricular activities, athletic activities, volunteer and community service, and special talents

Personality assessments/interest surveys to align w/student's strengths/passions to identify 

potential careers

Explanation of the college admissions process and guidance through the mastery of the same (discussion of standardized tests dates, testing options, application timelines, deadlines, etc.) 

Application Advising


Referral to resources for academic tutoring and/or SAT Prep if requested

Assistance in determining coursework for H.S. and guidance in determining a career path

Suggestions on community service, club involvement, leadership opportunities, college fairs, and summer activities to bolster resume 

Assistance with resume preparation

Guidance in selecting and asking individuals for letters of recommendations

Application icon.png

College Matching

Assistance in compiling a final list of schools, with varying degrees of admission difficulty, (Reach/Target/Safety) to which the student will apply

Assistance with essay writing process including topic development, critique and proofreading

Assistance in application preparation via Common App, including organizational assistance, time and stress management, and suggestions for the order of information to be included on application 

Discussion of early action, early decision, and regular decision application progress

Assistance with scholarship searches and applications

Discussion of Financial Aid Options (FAFSA, Parent Plus Loans, Work Study)

Decision icon.png

Decision Making

Assistance with making a final decision concerning which college to attend

Assistance with waitlist or appeals processes, if necessary

Assistance with applications for housing, orientation, financial aid, work study, and other college-related applications

Guidance to student and family if needed with transition-to-college process

Comprehensive College Package 

This package provides personalize guidance for students This premium plan is the top choice for most families seeking personalized guidance for their student which provides constant communication and guidance through the entire college admissions process and beyond. 

College Transfer

There are many reasons why a student may want to change colleges, but the most common reasons are location, cost or  simply a poor fit for the student.  Select this package if students want to transfer to another college or pursue a different degree.

Senior Rush Package 

Crunch-time support as the student works to meet college application deadlines.  Even with the limited timeframe, we believe that students who work with us can complete strong applications meeting deadlines and submit them to desired colleges.

Other Services & Tools

Finance icon.png

Personal Finance Education

BFCA also provides services that assist people in understanding personal finance. Whether it be a group of employees from a business, a young adult starting their career, or a college student, we counsel them on the basics of personal finance, and how to manage this crucially important facet of their lives. Financial literacy is something that can benefit anyone at any age, and we do this through customized workshops and classes. 

College Planner Pro Logo

College Planner Pro is the leading software solution for Independent Educational Consultants. By providing a centralized location for all tasks, meetings, communications, and college list management, the portal empowers students to track and meet their goals and allows parents access to this portal and their child’s progress.


You Science is an assessment tool that uses a series of proven scientific brain games to measure a students natural abilities, skills and knowledge (aka what makes them awesome) and aligns to education pathways and careers.


Corsava is a college choice card tool to engage students in a fun and quick way, helping them look beyond standard selection criteria to discover deeper preferences—what matters most—as they explore college options. College choice cards allow students to visualize the characteristics of schools they find desirable and to organize their choices. Students put qualities of schools into the “Really Want,” “Don’t Care,” or “No Way” categories.


Animal Kingdom Personality cards are an excellent tool for promoting self-knowledge and encouraging growth. An excellent conversation starter for young adults on the verge of making major life decisions, such as where to go to college or what career path to pursue.

If you'd like more information on the services that we provide, please fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch. 

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