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There are a myriad of factors to consider when navigating through the college admissions process. Our approach is to break them down into four manageable buckets, which helps simplify these steps for both students and parents alike. Getting to know the student well is key as it allows us to match them with the BestFit colleges. We then guide them step by step through the application process, and once all these steps are combined, a student becomes better informed and more confident resulting in a more manageable and simplified decision making process.







Understanding the student's passions, interests, and goals is the important first step in the process. Meeting with the student on a regular basis allows for an open and honest dialogue in order to best align them with a college that BestFits their needs and aspirations. 

College Matching

Together we identify what colleges are a BestFit for the student by researching, planning, and prioritizing college visits. Through this process the students will discover what institutions are the best options for their goals and personality. 

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Application Advising

A complicated and cumbersome part of the journey, advising the student through the application process allows us to place the student in the best light possible. Not only will we help save time and relieve stress, but we make sure that the student's application garners the level of attention in order to stand out. 

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Decision Making

There's many factors that go into to choosing the BestFit college for each student. Academics, costs, location, and college visits are just a few of the things students need to consider when making the decision on where to attend college. We help combine all of these factors and assist in making an informed, well thought out decision on where the student will attend school. 

If you'd like more information on the services that we provide, please fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch. 

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